A Bumpy Ride

I know a lot of people are tormented by a nasty little “bump” that spoils the fun of getting a body piercing. This little party pooper is caused by dirt or make-up entering the pierced area. It is not a pimple! So don’t even think about popping it! You could end up worse off.

About this time last year I finally got my nose pierced. I was super excited about it and my piercer had warned be about the possibility of the dreaded “bump” visiting me, so he gave me a bottle of piercing antiseptic lotion to keep the area clean. He told me to put it on night and day for two weeks after my nose was pierced. I was very diligent about this as I was terrified of the so called, “bump” making an appearance. A month passed and everything was cool. I was enjoying life with my nose stud until one morning I noticed it. It was just tiny at first but I took fast action and started using the antiseptic lotion again. This time it didn’t help at all. The bump just got bigger. I researched online for answers of how I could expel this thing. There are many forums dedicated to the subject of the “bump” and Tea Tree oil appeared a bunch of times as a natural solution to the problem. I purchased a bottle from my local supermarket and put a drop on my “bump” every morning and night after washing my face. It dried the “bump” up within two weeks but made the area very red and almost raw. After my skin would heal and the redness subside, the “bump” would rear its ugly head again! Then I’d attack it with Tea Tree oil and it would dry up, my skin would burn red but at least the bump would be gone (for a while anyway). I soon learnt that Tea Tree oil was not the magic potion for me. It was just too harsh for my skin. It may work for others, though I’d recommended testing it out first. I was reluctant to try the Sea Salt Soak I had heard so much about on forums. It just sounded too time consuming. But I felt I was running out of options so I bought a packet of coarse de-iodized Sea Salt and started to do the soaks every night without applying anything extra to the pierced area. It’s an annoying process I must admit but worth it in the end because I can say I am “bump” free! Finally after a year my nose has healed completely! I can enjoy my nose stud again!

I’d like to share with you the healing method I used to get rid of the ‘bump’!

Sea Salt Soak: Using a heat proof vessel, pour 8 ounces of hot boiled water mixed with 1 tablespoon of de-iodized sea salt. Make sure the water isn’t scolding hot! You don’t want to burn yourself! Soak a cotton ball in the salt water mixture and hold it firmly against your “bump”. This is called a heat compress. The heat draws out the gunk from the area and the sea salt kills bacteria. Once the cotton ball loses it’s heat, re-soak it in the salt water mixture and compress the “bump”. Repeat this for about 10-15 minutes (seriously).

It’s a good habit to clean the piercing with a cotton bud each morning and night.

Baking Soda Exfoliation: Okay it sounds strange but baking soda is a really great natural exfoliator for your skin. Especially for your face as it’s just the right PH for your skin and the coarseness of the powder is delicate and gentle. To exfoliate, make a paste of 1 teaspoon baking soda and 1 drop of water in the palm of your hand. Rub the paste on the piercing area and rinse of with warm water. It will make your piercing  jewelry shiny and sparkling and fade any discoloration from scarring or residue from the metal of your jewelry.

These methods worked wonders for me and I’m not guaranteeing they will work for everyone but I sure hope I can help some of you to get rid of your unwelcome visitor.

Stephy x