Christmas Withdrawals

Dec_001_title-01Dec_002Dec_003I can’t believe how quick Christmas came and went this year. We were even “those people” who put up our house lights and tree before Thanksgiving and it still doesn’t feel like it was long enough! You’ll be able to find me sipping on eggnog until the new year though! Since we finally have our own place together, it was extra special this year because we got to put up our first tree! She’s still looking lovely isn’t she? We got to spend a little bit of Christmas on our own, which has never happened before and will probably never happen again since we’ll be parents next year! So, we savored the occasion with a romantic candlelit dinner at home. Then of course spent the rest of the holiday with Danny’s family and mine (via Skype). Even though my family are so far away, they made sure I felt loved and thought of this holiday.

I haven’t had a chance to do a pregnancy update in a while so read on if you’re interested.

How far along?
31 and a half weeks! 8 and a half weeks to go! We’re into the single digits people!
Total weight gain?
So far I’ve gained like 20 pounds and think I’ve developed a nice waddle to go with my new round figure! 😉
Maternity clothes?
Just some skinny jeans and a few tops. 
Stretch marks?
Still no sign of any.
Tossing and turning constantly throughout the night and when 3 o’clock strikes I am wide awake.  My midwife says it’s because the baby is hungry so whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, I’ve been told to eat something, which is the last thing I feel like doing at that time! But for the last week since I’ve started the midnight snacking I’ve been able to fall back asleep much faster and stay sound asleep until morning.
Best moment this week?
Receiving all the amazing gifts we were given for Christmas. I seriously felt so much love!
My favourite was this sweet gift that arrived on our door step, from my sister who lives in New Zealand. I cannot wait to set it up for our baby!
Worst moment this week?
None this week. But there was a worrying moment last week when I found out our baby has turned to the breech position. My midwife assures me there’s still plenty of time for baby to get into the correct position so I’ve been doing various exercises that I learnt in one of our birth classes to encourage baby to turn.
Lots and lots! Always so happy to feel the little guy or gal dancing in there.
Food cravings?
None, actually.
Anything making you feel sick or queezy?
I thought I’d give omelette another go since I’m supposed to eat 2 eggs a day and I’m getting tired of eating them fried or boiled. But yup, turns out omelette still makes me gag. I think I’ve been turned off omelette for life. 
Belly button in or out?
I’d say neutral. It lays pretty flat.
Happy or moody?
Feeling really happy. We started a 6 week natural birth class a few weeks ago and I feel more confident about giving birth after each class! We plan on having a home birth and I’m a lot more confident about it now that I have a positive mind set about labor. I know it’s going to hurt but I feel like it’s a right of passage for a woman to go through this and the gift at the end will be so worth it!
Looking forward to?
Maternity leave next month! I can finish preparing and gathering supplies I’ll need for the home birth and postpartum recovery, get all the last baby things, find a family friendly car, settle on a pediatrician, give the house a good scrub down, prepare meals to freeze so we won’t have to worry about cooking for that first week when baby arrives, etc…. I think my nesting instincts have kicked in already and I’m just so anxious to get everything sorted out so I can (try to) relax before little one arrives.

Christmas Sugar Cookies


It’s that wonderful time of year when my family and I bake too many cookies! This year we flagged the gingerbread and baked a double batch of these sweet babies.  We used Martha Stewart’s super simple sugar cookie recipe. We put on Bing Crosby Christmas song’s and got carried away with icing and sprinkles! Decorating them is twice as fun as eating them I reckon! I think our cookies get to hang out in their jars for longer than most holiday cookies. We get attached to our favourite ones we’ve decorated and avoid eating them too quickly since we think they’re just so pretty! Each cookie is a unique work of art!


Here are a few of my favourite’s. Even though we may have spent way too much time decorating these, it was worth it!

Monday Morning


Just a simple breakfast on my sunny porch to start off another busy day. That’s Sausage, poking her head into the frame. She sure loves her food and I sure do love her company!


And, the view of the stunning Pohutukawa tree in front of our house that I marveled at during a quiet moment this morning. I just love these tree’s! When they start blooming you know Christmas is just around the corner! I hope you had a good monday (or found at least a happy moment during this unfavorable day of the week).

Do you hear what I hear?

Is it too early to be listening to Christmas music?  I find it difficult to get into the Christmas spirit here in New Zealand as we welcome scorching summer weather during this time. I’m jealous of those of you on the other side of the world who are catching snow flakes and sipping hot chocolate! Listening to some Christmas tunes makes it feel a little more Christmas-y here. One of my favourite artists, Sufjan Stevens has released ‘Silver & Gold’, a five disk box set of holiday music. It’s the second holiday box set he’s made too! He’s just incredible! You can have a listen to all five volumes here.