Taking Stock/ 40 Weeks

40 weeksThe adorable Abby, from Little City Adventures (who is also a mum-to-be) did a post called, Taking Stock – reflecting on the present through a list of short questions. She invited her readers to play along and answer the same questions. I thought this would be a fun way to do my last (hopefully) pregnancy update.

Making: the most of now. We’ve gone out for nice dinners and movie dates, savoring these fleeting moments of it being just us two.
Cooking: freezer meals. I’ve been stocking up our freezer with pre-cooked dinners for when baby arrives. I know we’ll be thankful I did this in the first month of becoming new parents, or should I say sleep deprived zombies?
Drinking: water. All day. Even though it seems like I’m constantly guzzling it down, I’ve never felt so thirsty in my life!
Reading: ‘What to Expect the First Year’, a month-by-month handbook on everything you need to know about the first year with a baby. Sometimes I get really overwhelmed with all the information, but I know every baby is different and we’ll  see what works for us.
Wanting: a pair of Frye boots.
Looking: at the calender, counting down the days!
Playing: the special ukulele my husband gave to me on my 21st birthday. I’ve been learning songs to sing to our little one.
Wasting: time on Facebook. I desperately need better ways to kill time these days.
Sewing: a bow. I hand-sewed a little felt bow for our baby, incase we’re having a girl.
Wishing: I could move around nimbly. I seriously feel like a beached whale right now.
Enjoying: these rare sunny winter days.
Waiting: for the arrival of our baby. It’s all I can think about! I even have dreams about being in labor!
Liking: yoga. I feel totally rejuvenated after all the meditative breathing and stretching.
Wondering: if we’ll have a son or daughter.
Loving: hot showers in the evening.
Hoping: I get the smooth natural birth I’ve been preparing and planning for.
Marveling: at the blessings God has given me!
Smelling: lavender. I love how my lavender face mist instantly mellows me out.
Needing: a back rub.
Wearing: see picture above.
Following: instructions from my midwife to spend time each day on my hands and knees to encourage the baby to stay in the optimal birthing position. This is where doing yoga comes in handy.
Noticing: how chubby my face has gotten. I usually don’t take pictures showing my face on the blog but I thought that since this is my last pregnancy update, why not get my mug out there, even if it just ended up being half of it!
Knowing: I will be a mother soon. Wow.
Thinking: of my family in New Zealand. I wish my mum and sister could be with me at this time.
Bookmarking: things I should remember in ‘What to Expect in the First Year’.
Opening: tubes of Pringles Tortillas Original and dipping them in homemade hummus.
Giggling: at old Seinfeld episodes.
Feeling: ready to get this show on the road! Come on baby! Your mum and dad are waiting to meet you!

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