Nursery Project – Part 2

Nursery Project - Part 2 CO_Feb_07bI’ve always loved the nostalgic look of paint-by-numbers. Despite it being a some-what retro art style, it has a modern quality to it, don’t you think? I’m so pleased how the squirrel mobile I made matches these paintings! I guess I see a “forest” theme happening?

I want to make it clear that these designs are not my own. I found images of a tapestry (the deer) and an old paint by numbers painting (the cabin) on Google that I liked the look of, I traced them onto art boards and then numbered the colors myself. These took me forever to finish, seeing as I used cheap acrylic paint. This meant painting 3 layers of each color to get it to look nice and solid without any streaks! I would’ve like to do a couple more but, you know, time.

We won’t really be using the nursery that much until our baby is a bit older, since we intend to have the baby sleep in our room. So I think I’ll have a few more nursery projects to share as time goes by.


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