The Day After

Nov_05 title-01

Nov_06Nov_07Nov_08Nov_10Nov_09The day after Thanksgiving we went out to the prairie to take some pictures of the crazy tumbleweeds we had heard all about. See how high they’re piled up against that tree!?

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We hosted a little gathering at our house with Danny’s side of the family and when we weren’t talking about what we were thankful for, we were indubitably stuffing ourselves with delicious food! A day surrounded by family and food, two of my favorite things! I did wish that my side of the family could’ve teleported from New Zealand to be with us though.

Although I said out loud on Thanksgiving day what I am thankful for, I feel like I’ve been particularly thankful this year for so many things and haven’t forgotten to thank God for those blessings almost every day. If you’ve read my older posts you’ll know that we waited an excruciatingly long time for my U.S visa to go through. It wasn’t until early this year that things started falling into place and I could finally move to the U.S with Danny. We’re now living in a cute little house in town. It’s the first house we’ve had to ourselves since getting married almost 2 years ago! We have our 2 cats with us, who traveled all the way from New Zealand. And after waiting years, we’re finally able to start our own family with the anticipated arrival our first child in March! All through this major transition to our new life in America we’ve had my loving and generous parents and Danny’s parents who are always close by to lend a helping hand. But most importantly I am thankful for my incredibly supportive husband, whom without I would be a complete mess this year!

There is always something to be thankful for, every day.


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