Who’s hiding in there?

I’ve recently come across a couple of pregnancy blogs, written by first time mamas-to-be and I’ve got to say, they’ve been a Godsend! I wish I’d discovered them sooner because they’ve been super helpful in making me feel less anxious about this pregnancy. I love reading about the experiences these first time “Preggo’s” are going through and thinking excitedly, “Oh, me too!”. I haven’t really blogged about my pregnancy (even though I’ve really wanted to) because I didn’t want to come across as bragging about it. But after reading these wonderful blogs it has made me realize that this is a super exciting time in my life that I SHOULD share, if not for my own record then perhaps for someone out there who’d like to know more about the journey of a first time pregnancy. So I’d like to follow a similar diary style that these bloggers have been using to update readers each week. It seems like fun, so I’ll give it a go!
How far along?
24 weeks. I can’t believe it 4 short months we will have a son or daughter. I still find it hard to believe!
Total weight gain?
I’ve gained about 20 pounds so far and really feeling it! My midwife is pretty pleased about my weight gain. She recommends that I eat loads of protein as it’s safer to gain more than not enough so that the baby will have a healthy birth weight.
Maternity clothes?
I’ve been trying to avoid buying new maternity clothes. I just don’t see the point in spending all that money on clothes I’d wear for just a short while. Usually it’s slim pickings in the thrift store maternity section, but one fine day I won the thrift store lottery and found a pair of Old Navy maternity jeans in my size! Now, for normal people they’re capris, but for midgets like me they were just the right full-length! It was an awesome day. I wore these lucky jeans last week and they felt really tight when I sat down in them. This bump is just growing so quickly! I guess I might just have to give in and invest in a new pair of maternity jeans since I definitely can’t be wearing maxi skirts all winter!
Stretch marks?
None yet. I’ve heard it’s hereditary and my mum and sister didn’t get any so I’m hoping I won’t either. I’ve been using Bio oil on the bump after I shower. I brought a bottle with me from NZ so I’m not even sure if they sell it here. Once it runs out I’ll probably try Burt’s Bees Mama bee oil which I’ve heard good things about.
I’m supposed to sleep on my side and avoid laying on my back, which is so hard since I’ve always been a back sleeper! I get a pretty sound sleep, though I wake up in the morning with ultra sore ribs! Oh and I feel like Humpty Dumpty when I’m trying to climb out of bed!
Best moment this week?
We found the perfect vintage dresser to use as a changing table. It is the perfect size and colour, just everything I’d been looking for. Danny assembled the cot in the nursery and it all suddenly felt very real that we are going to be parents very soon!
Worst moment this week?
I have been so emotional and sensitive lately. It’s quite bizarre because I’m usually not like this. I think a combination of exhaustion and not having time to take care of myself led to my little (quiet) break down at Poor Richard’s. We both had a tiresome day and decided to head to our local cafe and just talk over hot drinks to end our night. I was telling Danny about how I’ve been feeling so fat and ugly, how my clothes don’t fit, my hair is a mess etc …then tears came dribbling down my face. He reassured me that I always look nice and he’d pay for me to get an entire new wardrobe, and to get my hair done if it would make me feel better and then that made me cry even more! He is such a sweet husband! Since then I’ve been to get my hair cut and I already feel so much fresher and better about myself 🙂 It’s the little things huh?
So many kicks! Feeling some right now and loving those cute little jolts. Probably won’t be so happy about them when baby gets bigger though!
Food cravings?
Yogurt, of all things! Especially loving those Chobani cups! I was never one for dairy before but I guess baby likes it or something.
Anything making you feel sick or queezy?
Food that made me feel ill during my first trimester – omelet and smothered burritos. Gag!
We’re waiting until the birth to find out but I have a feeling we’re having a boy. I don’t know why? Maybe its all the karate kicks I get throughout the day and night but my midwife cheekily said the heartbeat sounded like a girl at todays appointment, so I have no idea! 50/50!
Belly button in or out? 
On the verge of being and outie. Weird.
Happy or moody?
Happy 90 % of the time but there are moments I’ll be angry or frustrated for reasons unknown and that makes me even more confused and moody. Hormones eh?
Looking forward to?
Finally holding our son or daughter and seeing whose features he or she has.

3 thoughts on “Who’s hiding in there?

  1. congratulations..
    I am on pregnancy number two.. and the only maternity clothes I have bought are jeans and pj bottoms.. I am tiny too.. so my regular clothes still kinda fit me.. sometimes I just need to add a bit of layering..

    • Thank you! And congratulations on baby #2 on the way! How far along are you?
      Yep I’m learning that layering is key! Were you able to keep your maternity from your last pregnancy or did you buy new ones?

  2. Reading about Danny’s response made me cry because it reminds me that I’m not there to support you and encourage you 😦 We need to Skype more!

    Remember to roll out of bed when getting out of bed 🙂 better for baby that way

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