The Gigantic Zucchinis




So, what the heck are you supposed to do when your husband brings home a bundle of hulk sized zucchinis!? I was stumped, so naturally I asked Google for some help. This recipe showed up and it looked super simple so I tried it out. It turned out delicious! I’d never had zuchinni soup before but it was like tasting something I imagine angels would eat on cold days. It has no dairy in it yet it is heavenly creamy! The recipe called for a little bit of powdered ginger but I used fresh ginger instead. That little extra gingery zing makes all the difference. I suggest you try this recipe if you ever find yourself with a bundle of freakishly big zuchinnis or normal sized ones. This is one great soup recipe I’m going to keep up my sleeve.


3 thoughts on “The Gigantic Zucchinis

  1. Oh I’ll have to try that out. I don’t eat dairy and that ingredient list is so simple. I love a good soup and have been wanting to incorporate zucchinis more in my diet. Thanks for sharing!

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