A Date in Denver


This post is way delayed. I’ve been wanting to blog regularly but I don’t know HOW to. Keeping my nose above water with my work load has been a real struggle. It feels like it keeps piling on top of me and I have to keep putting this blog on the back burner. If that sentence were literal, my blog would be blackened and burnt by now, ashes most probably. But I’ve found a little pocket of time this morning to finally get this post up.

We drove up to Denver last Monday to see Jake Bugg’s concert. Only realizing that afternoon that there was a Broncos game happening in town that same evening. The bumper to bumper traffic all the way there was a bummer but we some how managed to entertain ourselves with snacks (when are we ever NOT snacking?) and listened to and criticized (not maliciously, just for fun) the people on public radio.

We had planned to have Dim Sum for dinner while in Denver. I had been looking forward to this maybe even more than the concert because there are no decent Chinese restaurants in Colorado Springs, and that isn’t an exaggeration. If you know of any good authentic Chinese restaurants in the Springs area please share this vital information! I will shower you with kisses and hugs! You see, I haven’t been getting typical pregnancy cravings of pickles and ice-cream, I think my cravings have more to do with missing home. I’ve been getting “nostalgic” cravings. Those cravings were more than satisfied at Superstar Asian Cuisine (ha! I love the name). I was going to take some photos of the food to relive the moment later, and cry about how good it was, but we couldn’t contain ourselves once the plates hit the table. No camera was going to get in the way of us and all that delicious food!  By the time dinner was over I was in a state of bliss, the evening could take any turn and I’d still be happy.

The finale of our date was of course the Jake Bugg concert. He had the whole audience hanging off every note. Listening to that kid play his guitar so effortlessly and hearing his voice made me feel like I was listening to a late great musician like Buddy Holly or Woody Guthrie. I didn’t want the music to stop. He was so humble and clearly overwhelmed by the cheering and hollering from the crowd, which made him even more lovable. These are just early days for this young gun but I feel like big things are coming his way and it felt really special watching him perform.

This date is definitely up in there in the top five dates of all time.


2 thoughts on “A Date in Denver

    • It was man! We had BBQ pork steam buns, Fried turnip cakes, Siu Mai, and Singapore noodles. We should’ve skipped the noodles and just ordered more from the dim sum menu. It was so cheap! Everything on the menu was pretty much the same as what you can get in New Zealand.

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