Chicken Soup (Jewish Penicillin)





Do you know what goes perfectly with a cold rainy day? A steaming bowl of chicken soup. That’s what. It’s been pouring down with heavenly rain these few days, and I couldn’t ask for better weather. No, I haven’t gone mad. It’s just such a pleasant change from the scorching 90° heat we’ve had over the last weeks of summer. We don’t have air-conditioning in the house, so this cooler weather made it feel like we kind of did. As usual when the weather starts to change, I begin to feel the onset of a cold coming on. And I know one good ole’ household remedy for all kinds of ailments – chicken soup (also known as Jewish penicillin)! So I decided to simmer a big pot of this golden medicine.

I used this recipe here. We didn’t have a whole roasting chicken like the recipe called for, so I ended up using one third portions of the ingredients listed. The soup turned out beautifully and I could feel the nourishing broth working its magic.
It tasted even better the day after!


3 thoughts on “Chicken Soup (Jewish Penicillin)

    • Aww shucks! That is so sweet of you to say that. I’m still a total amateur with photography, haha. Sometimes I get a great shot by luck – I play around ALOT with the settings. Still figuring it out as I go but so much fun!

  1. That looks amazing!!
    And I agree with Remi – beautiful photos! I could totally see those in a classy food magazine, Stephanie! 😀

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