Good Morning, Second Trimester

CO_Aug_034This first week into the second trimester has been awesome and emotional, but mostly awesome. It’s been amazing not having morning sickness! I’m so happy to be feeling more like myself, the ever hungry lover of food. But there have been days where I haven’t felt like myself at all. I had a couple of meltdowns this week (thanks, hormones!), but I felt so much better after talking it out and releasing all that pent up anxiety and worry in a dramatic shower of tears. I needed that.

I was really anxious to get to my second prenatal visit yesterday. I had so many questions since I hadn’t been feeling nauseous (why did my baby quit his day job!?), my belly had gone down in size (baby or bloat?), and I haven’t felt any kicks or flutters yet (is it still alive!?). I was so relieved to find out that everything is ticking along as it should. We didn’t get to see the baby with an ultrasound this time but we did get to hear its heartbeat. It sounded strong and healthy, and that was the best feeling.


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