CO_Aug_028CO_Aug_029CO_Aug_030CO_Aug_031CO_Aug_032CO_Aug_033Did I tell you that my iPhone stopped working? Well, it did. About 4 months ago and I haven’t found a replacement yet. So there’s been no Instagramming here! Do I miss it? Not really. But I do miss the discreetness of having a little phone camera because using a clunky camera is more of a big deal. Pulling out a big flashy brick in some places can be embarrassing, but sometimes you just have to suck it up because documenting is important (to me anyway).

So, here’s a small glimpse into my week through these little snippets.
An ode to the food and feet photos of Instagram!

1. A hot afternoon stroll.
2. Dandelion hopping in our garden.
3. Salads are all I want to eat these days.
4. Looking through the booklet of Willy Mason’s new album, ‘Carry On’. It  had been such a long time since I bought a REAL CD!
5. Been using this free tote bag that came with the CD all week.
6. More salad!


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