The Drive In


CO_Aug_027Are you enjoying this last month of summer? I think I’ve had my fair share of ice cream and sun burns this season, so I’m totally ready for the cooler weather!

My nausea has seemed to have left, so we took advantage of my new found appetite and tried the burgers at ‘The Drive In’. It’s a cute little ice cream and burger joint in our neighborhood that we’ve frequented too many times to count for ice cream cones and milkshakes. As I had imagined, their burgers and fries were deeelicious! Their Angus beef patties are made when you order and the fries are hand cut so everything tasted fresh, like they really cared about what they were serving you.
Sitting outside at one of their picnic tables, shaded by a colorful umbrella and listening to 50’s and 60’s music crackly out of their old speakers feels like stepping back time.
I adore this place!


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