Bits of My Birthday


Birthdays. I’ve never kicked up a fuss about them or expected special treatment, but who can complain when people are extra nice to you and give you delicious things to eat? Now, that last part, I can certainly get behind!
The day started off with a special delivery of donuts for breakfast. So far so good, right?
In the afternoon, after talking to my clients about a project, they said I didn’t have to do any more work for the rest of the day, because it was my birthday! Man, people really take this birthday stuff seriously!
CO_Aug_007Danny took me to Uchenna, an Ethiopian Restaurant I had been dying to try in Old Colorado City. Maya, the lady who owns the restaurant was so welcoming. She just had a warmth about her and was one of those people that you meet and feel like you’ve known them for years. Since it was our first time eating there, she showed us the customary way of eating Ethiopian food. Using your right hand, you tear off a small piece of Injera (that spongey pancake you see rolled up on the plate), pinch up your curry with it and pop that juicy little thing in your mouth. Oh, and it WAS juicy, and spicy, and tangy and delicious. And to wash down that spice, I had a beautiful rose water lemonade. Eating that way really slowed down the pace of our meal and we savored every mouthful.
It was such a fun and intimate experience.


Camera shy, as usual..
Oh, which reminds me, have you seen this Dove commercial yet?
When DID this shyness and low self confidence start creeping in? This is something I have to work on, at age 26.

CO_Aug_009We felt we could squeeze in a little dessert so we shared this Cataif, a shredded wheat parcel of almonds and honey. This thing was SWEET! Cavity inducing sweet. But, that only means it was terribly good.



After dinner we walked around the old city and admired the incredible detail on some of the murals. I liked the colors of this particular one.
CO_Aug_012We spent a lot of time fogging up the glass of the Michael Garmen gallery, mesmerized by his painted brass sculptures in the windows. The gallery was closed but we are making it a point to go back there as soon as we can.
CO_Aug_013Look at his attention to detail! Those cigarette butts in the astray? Too good.

CO_Aug_014CO_Aug_015And I had to add this last photo. On our drive home I yelled out ecstatically, “OH MY GAHD, a raccoon! I think I just saw a huge raccoon by that house!”, pointing my finger out the window like an overly excited child. Danny pulled the truck over so I could get a hurried blurry picture of the critter. I’d never seen a raccoon in real life before, so this was kind of momentous. And just my luck, there were two of them!

26th Birthday, you were a pretty good one.


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