Pepé Le Pew

CO_Aug_003-01The other night, a heady stench came wafting through our bedroom window. I turned to Danny with a look of horror and asked, “whaaat is that smell!?”. He returned the look of horror and said it was a skunk! We quickly closed the window and turned on the ceiling fan. But that didn’t help at all. It was terrible trying to get to sleep that night and ever since then I’ve noticed the same smell coming in from our living room window in the mornings. I have to say, I despise skunks. I saw one scamper across the road last night, and although they’re cute, oh my, what a stink they can leave in their wake. We’re sleeping with the bedroom window closed now but I’ve been thinking about nice smelling things to put in the house to mask any skunk stinkers in the morning. I have a very sensitive nose and I can’t handle those artificially scented candles like ‘cotton candy’, ‘cinnamon donut’ etc etc. They smell chemically to me and I find them nauseating. I’ve always preferred natural scents, but the nicer the scent, the more expensive it is unfortunately.

The Ecoya candle, pictured above is pricey (in my opinion) but I used to have the exact kind in New Zealand and the scent is heavenly! I would splurge on this just to smell that gorgeous French Pear scent again. It is divine, and I don’t use that word lightly.

I’ve been curious about these Balsam Fir incense sticks since I saw them on the Izola website. Incense is something I have to be careful with because they can smell so musky and over powering at times. But I think these ones might be quite lovely. How nice it would be to have a house that smells like a green forest.

And lastly, I’ve been thinking about making my own natural home fragrance oils since I am so picky with scents. There are lots of tutorials online like this one that I might try out. I discovered these adorable reed diffusers from Danny Seo that would be the perfect vessel for my homemade fragrance oils.


4 thoughts on “Pepé Le Pew

  1. haha, this makes me SO glad we don’t have skunks here in england!!! i’ve seen them in cartoons and stuff and always thought the smell must be exaggerated but obviously not!!
    you could try making your own candles which not only will burn up the awful smell, but will help mask it too – and that way YOU can decide what scent you have and how strong it is. AND it’s all fairly cheap! win win 🙂
    I made them on my blog here: if you fancied it

    love fenn

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