Over the Weekend

CO_Aug_002This weekend was pretty productive. We got things done around the house that had been put off for far too long. Such things as, putting up our new clothes line, tilling up the old sod and planting grass seeds. I’ll bet if you’re an experienced gardener, you’re probably laughing at our ignorance. Yes, we know we planted “much too late into the season!”.
But, we’re just going to try our luck and hope that in a few weeks we’ll have a new lawn sprouting up. Then we’ll see who’ll be laughing ;).
Other than pottering around the house we explored our new neighborhood a little more and at the earliest hour on Sunday morning we found a cafe open. Thank you, Gold Hill Java for the coffee (for him), and chai latte (for me). Oh, and the slice of deliciously moist blueberry loaf. It really was a good weekend.
How was yours?


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