The Fiery Sun


The good news is that the Black Forest fire is 100% contained! All thanks to those courageous fire-fighters (real life super heroes)! But, yesterday, we couldn’t relax. The town of Walsenburg, where my husband was working, was given a pre-evacuation warning as the East Peak fire was moving closer. I was a worry wart all day, my eyes on the news updates, ringing my husband to see if he had hit the highway yet! He arrived back safely and we feel blessed to have a home to feel safe and sound in. I can only imagine how devastating it must be for the 502 home owners and their families who have lost their homes in the fire. My prayers go out to them and especially the Herklotz family who lost two loved ones, Marc and Robin.
Jun_030Jun_031Jun_029The sunsets here have been extraordinary lately.
The smoke in the air filters the light from the sun and produces this eerie orange glow.
I took these shots when Danny got back yesterday evening. I didn’t tweak the colors at all, so, you can see how hauntingly beautiful the light is.


3 thoughts on “The Fiery Sun

  1. I’m so sorry you are having to face such a scary thing (and having had been here such a short time too!) *Hugs* and prayers to you, friend. ❤ Glad you're both ok.

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