By the Lake


We took a little road trip up to Grand Lake with family two weeks ago, and yes, I’ve just got around to loading the pictures on my computer! The little town that nestles up to the edge of Grand Lake stays cool during summer and is a holiday destination for those who want to escape the heat (so said the tour guide on our boat ride around the lake).

We managed to book a large deluxe cabin for all eleven of us to stay in, for a reasonable price, since we visited before the peak season.


Jun_005 Jun_007Jun_006

Jun_012We checked out the town and walked along the western-style front porches that stretched the length of the main street. There was no shortage of American flags and candy stores, that’s for sure. We tasted the home-made ice cream from two places, you know, because it was really important that we knew which store had the best ice cream. We sampled the Rocky Road, Cherry White Chocolate, Peanut butter, Butter Pecan and Huckleberry flavours. The Huckleberry ice cream from Polly’s Sweet Shop won, hands down. Well, I think the fact that it had a cool name swayed my vote.


Jun_011This wee thing was sipping some nectar out of one of the many feeders hung along the shop front porches. I’d never seen a Hummingbird this up-close before. I learnt the other day that their nests are as small as a dime and their eggs are smaller than a TicTac!

Jun_016Jun_013Jun_014 Jun_015 Jun_017We were determined to spot a moose while we were up at Grand Lake but we were lucky enough to see a group of wild elk and a couple of moose! This last photo of the male moose we saw makes me realize that we really need to get a better lens for times when we need super zoomage! We were about 100m from this big guy and I was on edge, ready to make a run for it if he decided to charge. He turned out to be pretty relaxed. He angled his butt to face us, and looked at us while he pooped. Maybe he was trying to tell us what he thought of us…





Jun_024Jun_001And this is the view we got to see each evening from the cabin.

My favorite moment of being up at Grand Lake was waking up on an icy cold morning and watching the sun rise over this valley while I simmered in the cabin’s hot tub. The mountains we beautiful, but I’m glad to be back on the plains, where it’s a lot warmer.


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