Weeds Are Flowers, Too

CO_May_48The Sun’s been shining a little brighter these days and the flowers are scattering much needed pops of color to the landscape. The vibrant iris’, roses, and pansies, in the garden, have opened up confidently, but, what I find captivating are the little wild flowers (otherwise known as “weeds”). Their capability to endure the harsh, dry plains and offer something beautiful back to the land is quite impressive.

I wanted to decorate our bedroom wall with some art, so I illustrated the quote,
“Weeds are flowers, too, once you get to know them” by A.A.Milne.  Whenever we look at this art, hanging on our wall (I still need to find a frame for it), I’d like us to remember that we can find beauty and worth in anything or anyone, it’s all in the way we look at them.


I collected a bunch of the wildflowers on our evening walk and now they’re sitting pretty in a vase on the dining room table.



We found this sun bleached coyote skull and it is barefaced proof of the wildflower’s resilience. In spite of the unforgiving environment, the wildflowers still stand tall.





3 thoughts on “Weeds Are Flowers, Too

  1. I love thistle blooms, but my neighbor warns me to cut them before then or my boys will be stepping through fields of thistle, not grass. Your weeds are beautiful.

    • Oh yes those purple thistle blooms are so pretty but those little prickles aren’t much fun! Thank you for following my blog. I’ve been following yours for a while and I am inspired by your lifestyle and the activities you do with your kids! I’m stocking up ideas for when I become a mama, one day 🙂

      • I have been really enjoying your blog as well:) Blogs are such a fun way to travel and explore from your home! Mothering is amazing and challenging and quite the adventure. Keep up your great blog!

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