Is That Asparagus!?

CO_May_41 What do you do when you find Asparagus growing wild in the middle of your field?
Do a happy dance of course!
CO_May_42 I was so excited when I spotted these ladies the other day. We’re guessing that someone planted them at the abandoned homestead nearby and the cows have been eating them and spreading them around the pasture with their lovely poop.

CO_May_43 This vegetable grows crazy fast so new spears are shooting up everyday! We’ve been able to harvest 3 bundles so far and more spears are noodling up from the ground as I speak!

CO_May_44 CO_May_45 We roasted a bunch for lunch with some olive oil, coarse kosher salt and black pepper. They are THE BEST asparagus I’ve tasted. I think cow poop does wonderful things to Asparagus. Haha!
CO_May_46I toasted some Almond slices with ours. Sooo good.
I think my new home keeps trying to make me fall in love with it and it’s working!!


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