Small Towns and Country Miles


We hit the road and headed south as the morning sun rose behind us. Danny had work down in New Mexico last week so we made a fun, mini midweek road trip out of it!



The only enchanting thing we saw in the land of New Mexico were these wild deer grazing in someone’s backyard! Can I complain though? Deer are pretty enchanting.


We wandered through the small town of Trinidad on our way back home. It was full of charming architecture with such character! If those cobblestones and buildings could talk, I’d bet they’d have some colorful stories to tell.






There was no shortage of hand painted signs and advertisements to admire.

This small town seemed to have so much potential with all its beautiful architecture. Most of the buildings were vacant and just a handful of places to eat, secondhand stores, and small offices were open for business. I could imagine for a second, living there and joining the artists community. The people were welcoming and the town just had a friendly vibe about it. I wonder if developers will find their way there in a few years. I wonder what’s in the cards for Trinidad?


Can you believe that someone was just throwing this sign out? I know those hipster antique shops back in Auckland would pay a small fortune for this kind thing!

The intensely dry, hot weather cut our exploring time short unfortunately. We could literally feel the moisture being sucked out of us. I’m not even ashamed to say that we went to Sonic, TWICE to get icy beverages to cool us down!

It was so much fun to do a little bit of traveling and site seeing in the middle of the week with Danny! I wonder when and where our next road trip will be?


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