The Wild Plains

CO_May_13 When I arrived on this dry, seemingly desolate landscape, I thought the only thing that could survive out here, were a few cacti. But, being a naturally curious person, I’ve been out exploring, getting to know my new environment and taking a closer look at my surroundings.

CO_May_16CO_May_15I couldn’t believe it when I saw that these red ants had built a bridge over their little entrance way. They were carrying what looked like salt crystals out of their chambers and dropping them away from the entrance.

CO_May_14From a distance this cactus might’ve seemed like a sight for sore eyes but on closer inspection, it had these bright yellow buds that kind of resembled bunches of bananas and the new shoots were this pretty pink color.

CO_May_18The dry and thirsty landscape was blessed with a couple of days of rain, and with the rain came some creatures I hadn’t expected to see out here.

CO_May_19My cat, Sausage found this baby frog, who was only the size of a gumball. I could see that its little heart was pounding nearly out of his chest! Poor little fella.

CO_May_20These little frogs like to hang out on the  window sills. We counted 20 on one window sill!!
CO_May_17I may have shreaked when I saw this Salamander scuttling across the tiles in house. I chased it out of the house, but not before I quickly took its picture!

CO_May_21 CO_May_22 CO_May_23 The neighbors keep their horses on our property since they don’t have enough land themselves. They’re looking a bit skinny so we fed them some of our hay.

CO_May_24I had so much fun driving my father in laws big old red truck through the pasture the other day! I could get used to this country life.

CO_May_25 We dropped off some hay bales for the cows and an old rusty tub (used for a feeder) caught my eye. I started snapping photos of it and was about to step in closer to get a better angle. But, thank goodness I saw the snake that was sitting in the shade of the tub!!! It was curled up but from what we could tell, it had to be about 4 feet long! Thankfully it was a Bull snake and not a rattle snake! From the picture it looks like I might’ve been foolishly close to the snake but, trust me, I was terrified of being bitten so you bet I used the zoom on our camera!


 I haven’t been able to be quick enough to take photos of the rabbits and prairie dogs on the property, and the owls and hawks are always just too far away for my camera to get a good shot of. It seems like I get to see a different animal each day out here! This place is teaming with life! I just had to take a closer look.


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