Settling In

CO_May_1 ^^^ Sausage, otherwise known as  Saus, Sausy-mama or Sa-ma ^^^

CO_May_2 ^^^ Turtle, otherwise known as Turts, Tortuah, or Turtle-bear ^^^

CO_May_3 ^^^ Farm fresh eggs. You know they’re fresh if they still have feathers stuck on them! ^^^

CO_May_4 ^^^ Danny’s homemade pineapple cream pie ^^^

CO_May_5 ^^^ Homemade pork and green onion dumplings!! ^^^


CO_May_7 ^^^ Bacon mustache? ^^^
CO_May_8 CO_May_9 ^^^ The carne asada taco was amazing! The fish taco? Not so much. ^^^

CO_May_10 CO_May_11 CO_May_12It’s been a little over a week since we landed in Colorado and I’ve been settling in nicely into my new environment. The first thing I wanted to do once we got to the house was to cuddle my cats. I missed those furballs so much!! We’re living in Danny’s parents’ basement while we look for a house. So, in the meanwhile, we’ve been working this week to make the basement a bit more homely and less like a basement? That involved, Danny and his dad hanging some drywall and plastering, and Danny and I painting our room.  Other than our D.I.Y projects, we’ve been cooking some pretty delicious food here. We had Danny’s uncle, aunt and cousins over for dinner and we tried making dumplings for the first time. The entire meal of curry, Chinese eggplant, stir-fried bok choy, and pork dumplings was devoured. So, that was probably a sign that everyone thought our food was pretty delicious! Since then, we’ve made dumplings another time with beef and onion. But, I can’t decide which I prefer because both kinds were so good! We’ve also been busy baking in the kitchen! Well, Danny is the expert baker and I’m the expert helper. We made a chocolate chiffon cake with sea-foam frosting. And I have to say if you were like me and hadn’t heard of sea-foam frosting, you must try it! It’s like having a super light and sticky layer of marshmallow on your cake. Just amazing. We also made a pineapple cream pie the other night, which I must get a slice of once I finish writing this.  We’ve been baking these egg based desserts  because a family friend gives us dozens of their farm fresh eggs each week that we can’t keep up with consuming! Just one of the great things I’ve found about living here so far! I’ve also been getting acquainted with the local cuisine. Danny’s taken me to their family’s favorite diner for breakfast and we discovered Monica’s Taco Shop, together (which could give Chipotle and Taco Bell a run for their money!). You can get two big burritos with rice and beans for $6.40!! Now that’s my kind of eating out! It made such a good impression that we were back again today, this time we took the whole family with us. It’s a new family favorite I think!

There is just so much to see and do here and I can’t wait to show you some of the things I’ve come across on the family farm!


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