America – Day 3 (and a half)

AKLSF_44On our third day in S.F, we woke up before the crack of dawn so we could capture the Golden Gate bridge in the morning light. I must say that she looked absolutely dreamy in the early morning mist.
AKLSF_46AKLSF_47^^^ Did you know that wild strawberries grow along this beach!? ^^^

AKLSF_45^^^ Yup! That’s me, scarfing down a Bear Claw for breakfast! So attractive, i know! ^^^

AKLSF_48 AKLSF_49 AKLSF_50 AKLSF_51 AKLSF_52^^^ A really crappy picture of the sea-lions at the dock. ^^^

We walked onto a dock by the bridge where a couple of sea-lions were catching their breakfast. We couldn’t get a very good picture though! I think it is so freakin’ cool that sea-lions are wild in San Francisco!

AKLSF_53We then walked to the Palace of Fine Arts. It is a stunning piece of architecture and you must absolutely go visit it and experience its enormity! I stood under the pillars and arches, just in awe of its beauty.

AKLSF_54 AKLSF_55^^^ I was just an ant, at the Palace of Fine Arts ^^^

AKLSF_56 AKLSF_57 AKLSF_58^^^ A stroll through Chinatown, during the day was definitely less spooky. ^^^

AKLSF_59^^^ Wind blowing in every direction on the ferry ride to Alcatraz. ^^^

Of course we did the touristy thing and went to Alcatraz. It was so cold and windy on the ride over! And I was even wearing a sweater and jeans. Little did I know that it was just a small taste of the miserable conditions on the island.

AKLSF_60 AKLSF_61 AKLSF_62^^^ It was nesting season on the island ^^^
These two love birds were singing sweet nothings to each other.

AKLSF_63 AKLSF_64^^^ In the library ^^^
You can see how damp it is in there but it was the warmest room in the prison!

AKLSF_65 ^^^ Prisoner’s were given 2 packs of cigarette’s a week,
regardless if they were smokers or not ^^^

AKLSF_67 Alcatraz was eerie and unbelievably cold (considering it was even early May)! I can only imagine how terribly miserable it would’ve been to be imprisoned there and to know downtown S.F was only a mile away! We went through the prison with headphones that played a recording of past inmates telling their stories of their time on Alcatraz. It was an interesting afternoon but I couldn’t wait to get off the island!

AKLSF_68^^^ View from the top of the World’s “crookedest street ” ^^^

AKLSF_69 AKLSF_70^^^ Only half of this meal was consumed ^^^

We had vegetarian Greek food for dinner and only managed to eat half of what we ordered. The portions were ridiculously generous!

AKLSF_71^^^ Brunch at the Crepery on our last day ^^^

We slept in on our last day and had deliciously light crepes for brunch. Having crepes is the best excuse for eating ice-cream in the morning!

AKLSF_72^^^ I loved their teapot collection! ^^^

AKLSF_73 AKLSF_74It was nice to have a relaxing morning after all the exploring we crammed in on the previous days. San Francisco was wonderful and we hope to visit again, really soon!


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