America – Day 2

AKLSF_16 ^^^ We could hear the power lines buzzing and sparking! ^^^

We started our second day off with a hearty (unfortunately overpriced) breakfast at a diner down the road from our hotel. I have to get used to remembering that you must tip here!

AKLSF_17 ^^^ Pretending that I live in this beautiful apartment building. ^^^

AKLSF_18AKLSF_19 ^^^ Enormous overflowing flower baskets hanging on lamp posts! ^^^

AKLSF_20^^^ I wish we got some sunglasses because our eyeballs got fried that day. ^^^

AKLSF_21 AKLSF_22AKLSF_23 AKLSF_24 AKLSF_25 ^^^ At the arcade museum. ^^^

We made our way to Fisherman’s Wharf, where we looked around at the vintage arcade museum.Β Some of the machines there are older than you and I will ever be and I can’t believe they’re still working! It was amazing to see the craftsmanship and care taken in making the figurines in the machines. Most of them had solemn expressions, and looked kind of sad and lonely.

AKLSF_26 AKLSF_27 AKLSF_28 There was an old photo-booth that we jumped into, closed the curtain and snapped pictures of ourselves with our camera in. I’ll admit it takes the novelty out of it, but we had so much fun! I made the photos black and white in photoshop and cropped them together. It has the same nostalgic effect, don’t you think? I like the way it turned out so much that I might even frame it! I don’t recommend you do this all the time, but maybe just once πŸ˜‰

AKLSF_29 ^^^ Resident sea-lions at Pier 33 ^^^

AKLSF_30 ^^^ The mushroom stall at the Ferry Building was our favorite to look at. ^^^

We took a slow stroll all the way down to the Ferry Building, taking in the sights and sounds. We watched the sluggish sea-lions sunbathing on Pier 33, dodged the phonies asking for “donations”, and moved out of the way of the many spandex clad locals who for some reason decided it was a good idea to run in the sweltering midday sun.

AKLSF_31 ^^^ Cold drinks and a stellar view at Pier 23 Cafe. ^^^

After tiring ourselves out from walking, we decided to have lunch at Pier 23, where we were lucky enough to get one of the last 3 Β Dungeness Crabs the restaurant had that day! We normally wouldn’t dine at such a pricey place but we felt it was worth it for every finger licking morsel of juicy crab. Plus, we were on vacation and wanted to enjoy ourselves. We sat on the deck, overlooking the water and sipped on our ice cold drinks. It was wonderful and I felt the happiest to be sharing that moment with no one else but my husband.

AKLSF_32 ^^^ This little lady bug found her way onto Danny’s sleeve ^^^

AKLSF_33 ^^^ Delicious Dungeness Crab for lunch ^^^

AKLSF_34 ^^^ Spooky back alley in Chinatown ^^^

After relaxing for way too long at Pier 23, we realized how sunburnt we had gotten and dragged our hot and tender selves back to town. When the sun goes down in S.F, it gets really cold but it was kind of soothing for our sunburns. That evening we wandered through Chinatown. The atmosphere down there was kind of spooky at night.

AKLSF_35 AKLSF_36 ^^^ That’s President Clinton having a taste of the goods, on the bottom left. ^^^

AKLSF_37 ^^^ Poor bat and turtle 😦 ^^^

AKLSF_38 ^^^ I would wear one of these cat / dog rings on each finger. ^^^

AKLSF_39 AKLSF_40 AKLSF_41 AKLSF_42 ^^^ Balachan Eggplant and Cha Kueh Teow, for dinner in Chinatown. ^^^

As the light grew darker, the shops in the touristy part closed up and the lights of the restaurants down the side roads acted as beacons for our stomachs. It was late but we found a Malaysian restaurant still open. They had some of our favourite dishes on their menu, so it was kind of like a taste of home.


Β I think we got heat stroke that day, because we were so very exhausted and slept like babies that night πŸ™‚

I hope you aren’t tired of S.F photos yet because I’ve got one more post lined up of our adventures. You can check out our first day HEREΒ if you missed it.


6 thoughts on “America – Day 2

  1. You guys are so cute and look to be having a marvelous time! How long will you be there? I can’t believe those photos were taken with YOUR camera (in the photo booth) – I absolutely thought they were done. They turned out perfect!! πŸ˜€

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