America – Day 1

AKLSF_1 Well, we landed in America in one piece! We decided to spend a few days in San Francisco via L.A.X. before heading to Colorado. Since we never got a chance to get away for a honeymoon, it was the perfect opportunity to take a vacation before taking on the responsibilities of our move to CO. Going through immigration at L.A.X was pretty breezy actually. Some fingerprints were taken and a few signatures signed here and there and then I was good to go. 24 fun hours of flying and lay-overs later, we found ourselves in S.F.

AKLSF_2 We took a ton of photo’s, and I don’t want to dump all of them here at once, so I’m going to split the days into separate posts. There aren’t any flattering photo’s of me – most are of me squinting since it was fiercely bright and sunny the whole time. They weren’t joking when they named California the sunshine state. I’m still on the look-out for a nice pair of sunglasses, and my burnt nose and cheeks say I NEED to wear sunscreen, apparently.

AKLSF_3 On our first day, we checked into our hotel and explored down town, in search for lunch. Every direction I looked, there was something to be inspired by. It could’ve been the pretty cherry blossoms, a charming doorway, the array of pastel colors down a street, the street art, or the swag of the locals (especially the more interesting homeless characters). I have to point out that people in S.F love dogs! There were all kinds of dogs, from Chihuahua’s to Great Danes, being walked and that meant that the scent of dog poop was not left unnoticed. It was forgiven though, as the beauty of the place made up for it.
AKLSF_4AKLSF_5^^^ Best California Roll, ever (Danny thought so, too). ^^^

AKLSF_6 AKLSF_7 AKLSF_8 AKLSF_8b AKLSF_9 AKLSF_10^^^ This guy caught my eye. Maybe it was his Hello Kitty back pack. ^^^

AKLSF_11^^^ One visit to Bob’s Donuts was not enough. 3 times the charm 🙂 ^^^
We were’nt adventurous enough to get one of those ridiculous giant donuts though!

AKLSF_12^^^ The pretty flowers that surrounded the Oracle Centre  ^^^

AKLSF_13^^^ Letting off explosions in the stadium. The crowd went nuts! ^^^

AKLSF_14^^^ Got to love the cheap seats ^^^

AKLSF_15In the evening we went to an NBA Playoffs game – Golden State Warriors vs Denver Nuggets. Everyone got a free Warrior supporter t-shirt that was laid out on each seat. We were probably the only Nuggets supporters there and we didn’t want to stick out like sore thumbs, so we shamefully put the Warriors t-shirts on and cheered quietly in our hearts whenever the Nuggets scored. The energy in the stadium was intense! People were almost primal – hitting their bam bam sticks together, chugging down beers and howling.  I had never been to a big sporting event like that before. It was such a fun experience even though the Nuggets lost. Maybe they would’ve won if we didn’t wear the opponents shirts!

Stay tuned for more of our San Francisco adventures!!


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