leaving home


It finally arrived. All the months and months of anxiety, the stress, the waiting for an answer was over when I opened this up in the mail. I thought I’d be jumping up and down with excitement but I’ve  actually been overwhelmed by it all. I keep asking myself if this is for real? Can it truly be!? I can’t quite believe that I finally have my visa in my hands and I’m officially allowed to live in America, permanently. We leave one week from today and I’m  a mixed bag of emotions. I’m excited to be starting this new chapter of our lives but I’m also terrified of the uncertainties. I’m sad to be leaving this home but I’m happy to be making a new home together in Colorado. I’ve immigrated overseas before. When I was just starting school, my parents moved us to New Zealand from Malaysia for a better education and a better life. Now I’m taking the big leap to another country with the best in mind for our little family and even though this is such an adult thing to do, why do I still feel like a kid?


3 thoughts on “leaving home

  1. so exciting! I would feel the same way if I were you – it’s kind of scary to uproot yourself and sort of feel like you’re starting all over in a new place. but! how what an exciting adventure you get to have together! 🙂 so happy for you 🙂

  2. so exciting and so scary. i can’t wait to hear more about your adventure. wishing you all the best. and i think it’s some sort of adulthood rule – the more adult and serious something is that you do, the most like a kid you feel. forever.

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