it’s been a while

Hello there! How’ve you been?! I apologize to you, lovely readers for being all mysterious, and disappearing for an entire month. Life has been crazy-hectic lately (whose isn’t?) and I had to put blogging on the back burner for a while. I’m relieved to say though, that the mountain of stuff that needed to get done this month is finally dwindling and I can finally begin to function like a normal, calm person again.

Do you remember that guy I talked about, quite a lot on here? Well, after four months of being separated by the Pacific Ocean, my husband is back home! I’ve been in heaven all week! The past four months were the toughest for us and I tip my hat to those of you who are separated from your partners for even longer periods. You have my respect.

Here are some snippets from the little picnic we went on the other day. I packed some delicious vege wraps and fruits for our lunch, and we found an empty (overgrown) field at the very edge of suburbia to lay down in. I was exhausted that day and wasn’t in the mood to take pictures but I made myself ‘click’ that camera anyway. The wraps were beautiful but kept un-wrapping when I wanted to take a nice photo of them and Danny was so hungry that he ate one before I got a chance to take the picture! So I gave up, and just took a picture of the last two, upside-down. What do you do when you’re torn between enjoying the moment and wanting to capture it all on camera? That’s why I admire those blogs that can portray those special moments so beautifully. I am definitely still learning how to do this blogging thing.






picnic_06We packed up our picnic and headed home, after this rain cloud shadowed all the blissful warm rays of the autumn sun. I hope you’re having a relaxing weekend and are lucky enough to spend time with loved ones and maybe some sunshine.


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