Five on Friday

Me as a Cat
5 things that I didn’t like at first:

1. Self portraits. I used to think, taking self portraits was a vain thing to do. To some point they are self indulgent and contrived, but I think it really depends on the intent behind them. I realized, while I was trying to find a current photo to change my profile picture (on the right) from an illustration to a real image, that I basically had no recent photos of me. It made me sad that I had such a bleak visual record of my past few years. It’s made me feel differently about self portraits. Instead of hiding my face from the camera, I’ll let the camera capture me because I don’t want to forget what I was like at that moment. The self portrait above is at least 3 years old.

2. Joanna Newsom. She is one of my favorite musicians but, to be honest, I kind of winced when I first heard her sing. I’m sorry, Joanna! It just goes to show that first impressions don’t always last. She is one exceptionally beautiful, talented lady and I feel lucky that we got to see her perform last year. It was an enchanting evening.

3. Tomatoes. I could not stand them when I was little. I’d literally gag if I’d bite into a sandwich and one of those suckers touched my tongue. Today, tomatoes and I have a different relationship. They’re pretty much in most of my meals. If I could only eat one vegetable for the rest of my life, it would be cherry tomatoes.

4. Chris Rock. Before actually taking the time to watch a full comedy routine performed by this guy, I had seen him in movies and he annoyed the heck out of me. I just found him really obnoxious. But, then I watched his stand up stuff, then I got him. Once I got past the vulgarity, I realized that man has some decent things to say. Hilarious man, straight up!

5. Coffee. Before college, I couldn’t understand why people would put themselves through drinking the stuff (sometimes more than once a day)! I started drinking it as a way to perk me up for those early morning lectures and now I can hardly get through the day without one. But I’m trying to cut back and drink more green tea.


2 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Great idea to reflect on things you haven’t always liked! And you are so right about self portraits! I have been the photographer in our family and it takes me really thinking about it to ask someone to take a photo of ME in it. Great post!

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