Cat People

I’m going to talk about cats again. Is that OK? Before you roll your eyes and dismiss this whole post, please give me a chance. I feel like my affection for cats is often misunderstood. I’m either thought of as a creepy cat lady or as a “twee” girl who just thinks it’s cute to blog about cats. So, I want to let you in on something and reveal the truth. If I asked you, do you like cats? You’d probably be able to give me an answer that sounds similar to one of the four reactions below:

– “No. Cats are dumb.”
– “Hellz yeah! Cats are rad.”
– “I love my cats. They are family.”
– “Are you kidding? I have 20 of them!”

Each of these reactions is representative of the 4 different levels you could fall under which ranks how much of a cat person you are. So what are these levels?

Cat People - Level 1Level 1: Cats Are Dumb
These are people who do not like cats. We call them ‘dog people’.

Cat People  - Level 2

Level 2: Cats Are Rad
These are people who think cats are pretty cool. They don’t have a pet cat of their own but might wish they had one after they watch funny videos of them on youtube. They also like collages of cats in space with lazer eyes. They may like cats for the same reason they like mustache’s and bow-ties.

Cat People - Level 3Level 3: Cats Are Family
These are people who have a cat that lives at home and sleeps at the foot of the bed. They love their cats and consider them a part of the family. These people are often mistaken to be of the level 4 rank. There’s a limit to the number of cats you should have in one household though, and if you cross that number you could find yourself falling into deep level 4 territory. I’d say no more than 1 cat per person in one household.

Cat People - Level 4

Level 4: Cats Are Everywhere
These are people who don’t just love cats, they are obsessed. They may not consider their cats as companions anymore but as objects to collect. They believe the more the merrier! We call these people animal hoarders or the more affectionate term is, ‘cat lady’.

Would you believe that I used to be a level 1 cat person? I used to think cats were so dumb and dogs were just the best furry pals you could have around. That was true until two years ago when we adopted 2 rescued kittens. That was when I became a level 3 cat person. This is the point in this post where all the level 1’s (and maybe a few level 2’s ) have left this blog. Hopefully the few of you who have stuck around will be interested in the story of how I had a change of heart. If so, read on, my friends. If you’d like.

When we moved into our first house together we felt we needed a pet to share our home with. I had a mini lop rabbit growing up so I suggested we get a bunny. But, my husband was not convinced so we looked into adopting a kitten. We eventually got in contact with a lady from an ad, who had found a litter of stray kittens in a parking lot. We went to visit these four little lost creatures she had rescued. They were in a pen she had set up in her garage. Two of them were jumping around, playing like normal kittens. As for the other two, one had hidden on top of a storage shelf and the other was walking around the perimeter of the pen desperately trying to find an escape route. My heart broke for the one on the shelf. She was the cutest little thing and I wanted to take her home. My husband agreed that she was the one for us but he said that we couldn’t just take her alone. We had to take the other nervous one too. So we did.

Sausage and Turtle were the most timid wee kittens we’d ever met. It took months of hard work and patience to gain their trust and for them to build up their confidence to go outside again. The poor things were somewhat traumatized during their first few months of life in that parking lot. We got to know these shy, gentle souls who in turn for us feeding them and cleaning their poop had so much love to give back.

I want to make it clear that our cats are not our “friends” or our “babies”. They are two lives that we take responsibility for. They’re part of our little family unit and we’re their people. When we started making plans to move to the U.S, we deliberated for a year whether or not we should take them with us. The cost of shipping pets is expensive and we worried about how they’d adapt to a new family or if anyone would even want to adopt 2 adult cats who run away from all other humans! But, we made our decision and that came with a few sacrifices. We had to sell a lot of our possesions to pay for their international export costs. We figured that possesions are replaceable, Sausage and Turtle are not. We’ve been called irresponsible for spending that kind of money on two cats that “aren’t even purebreds” when we could use that money for “smarter investments”. And we’ve been called “cruel” for putting our animals through days of international travel.  All the haters can think what they want. We believe that we did the most responsible thing we could have. We feel it was a pretty good investment to give two creatures that we love the chance to have a long happy life with the two people they’re firmly attached to. The love I have for Sausage and Turtle has in turn made my affection for cats blossom. So, that’s why cats are a frequent subject in my art and this blog. If you’re still here, thank you so so much for reading the longest post in the universe about cats!

P.S Sausage and Turtle are currently happily settled at my in-law’s place in the U.S. I Can’t wait to be reunited with those two critters!

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4 thoughts on “Cat People

  1. I like cats too. My cat died a few years ago. After that me and my boyfriend lived to tiny. It would be terrible for any animal to life there. But now we’ve moved to a house we’re thinking about getting a cat. So does that make me a level 2 of 3 person? I don’t know

    • Hello! I’m so sorry your comment went straight into my spam box and I just saw it now. You’re right, love is the same any way you look at it 🙂 The foodie in me is drooling all over your food posts on your delightful blog! Thanks for dropping by, Meghan.
      Steph x

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