Essentials for Chinese New Year

Essentials for Chinese New Year

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This style post does not take itself seriously. It’s just a silly moment I had thinking about something fun to create for the up coming Chinese New Year.

My childhood memories of C.N.Y were of receiving red envelopes filled with money from Aunts and Uncles and eating a lot of food at someone else’s house. We still do pot luck’s and eat a tonne of food but now that I’m an adult, I’m no longer on the receiving end of getting those exciting envelopes of cash. Now at C.N.Y gatherings what I get from Aunts are rude questions asking me why I’m so plump!? For those of you who come from Asian families, you’ll be familiar with these type of insensitive, blunt questions from older Aunts. I never know what to say to them. I’m not even overweight. If I showed up to a C.N.Y gathering looking more slender (a healthy kind of slim), they’d ask me why I was so skinny! And then probably tell me I should eat more. See a vicious cycle happening? There really is no winning with those ladies. I just have to bite my tongue. Anyway, if you’re celebrating C.N.Y, have a really great one and good luck balancing all your pot luck samplings on those flimsy paper plates. Happy Chinese New Year!


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