On a day like today I’d like to keep this piece of advice in mind when my heart starts to ache a little. Good bye’s are so hard. I feel like I’ve been dealt more than my fair share of them recently. I said my good bye’s to my brother, his lovely wife and my niece today. I’m so happy and excited for their new adventure overseas and the amazing opportunity given to them but on the other hand, I’m missing them already and I cried for the third time today.

Long distance really is a test of how much you care about someone. It takes commitment to keep a close relationship. It’s too easy to forget to call or reply an email but Skype makes things a whole lot easier and makes the distance between feel a lot closer.

We had a good send off for my brother and his little family. We celebrated his birthday with an epic homecooked dinner that my brother in law and I spent half of Saturday preparing. It was delicious! We actually spent most of our time eating (something my family and I are very good at) this weekend and talking around the kitchen table. It was one of those weekends that I’m going to remember fondly. It was lovely and I hope your weekend was too.


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