The Smartest Kid On Earth


Let me introduce you to the phenomenal work of Chris Ware. I’m re-reading one of his graphic novels called, ‘Jimmy Corrigan – The Smartest Kid On Earth’. Personally I feel like Ware’s work far exceeds any of the graphic novels I’ve picked up. I just really resonate with his style and color choices. Every time I read through his novels I find something new to gasp in excitement about. I could study each page for as long as I am not at liberty to admit. His attention to detail is incredibly thoughtful and this creates such rich environments that you just get lost in. Usually the characters and story-lines are some what depressing and uncomfortable but that’s what gives his stories so much depth. Not only does his work appeal to me as an illustrator but his ability to render buildings and interiors is quite impressive architecturally too. Can you tell I’m a big fan?

This graphic novel in particular is his greatest I think. There are paper cut-out pages with assembling instructions scattered through the book. I’ve been tempted to construct these beautiful paper models but I know I’d deeply regret it. The book will stay intact as it is.


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