Can you believe we’re mid way through January already?! Time is moving swiftly and that is a damn good thing!  I’m hoping time keeps up this swiftness in the coming month as I impatiently wait for Danny to return to New Zealand from the States.

Some really big changes happened just before the holidays began. “Big” is kind of an understatement here. The day Danny left to go back to the States to spend Christmas with his family was also the day we moved out of our tiny old house and to add more tears to a sad sad day, I had to say good-bye to our cats too! Of course I did not say good-bye to our cats forever! We had them flown over with Danny so they could get used to the surroundings of their new home. Yes that’s right, hopefully soon our new home will be in the States! But I can’t jump up and down with excitement just yet though. We’re still going through visa processes and crossing our fingers and toes that things will move quickly and painlessly in the next month or so. I just want to be with my family again. All four of us in a house of our own. That is not too much to ask right?

I’ve been looking back at photographs and reminiscing over the past year and it’s got me feeling lonely as heck. I’m feeling nostalgic for the life we had in our old house. What I’ve realised is that the best thing about being in that house was that we were together. Ever since we got rid of most of our belongings during our move I’ve gotten used to having minimal possesions and appreciating a simple life. What I’ve learnt in the past month without my little family is that all I need in life is them. Plain and simple. Maybe we’d need a few essentials like a roof over our heads, food, water and probably an internet connection, too. Nothing makes me happier these days than to talk on Skype (thank god for this invention) with Danny every day and to see our cats settled into their new environment.

So, what does one do when their husband and cats are away? Play? No siree! You work! You keep as busy as you can to distract yourself from feeling the loneliest you’ve ever felt. That’s why I’ve jumped straight into the new year with work. I’m working on a few projects right now including my new website. I was in two minds about sharing all these personal things on here but after thinking about what this blog is about ( a place where I can share things that inspire me) I felt like all these changes that are happening in my life are material for inspiration! I wouldn’t share this if I didn’t feel it was relatable. So I’ve been humming and hawing about the direction of this blog and feel like I should keep it seperate from my professional work. The website I’m working on will be a place where I can showcase my work and I will have a link to this blog where I can get a bit more personal.

So many new things to work hard towards and look forward to accomplishing this year!

I will leave you with this song which I’ve been listening to.

And remember to enjoy the simple things. And give your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or furry friend a big long hug and kiss if you can, because you can.


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