Curious Critters


While enjoying lunch outside today, a very curious creature crawled along our picnic table. This little thing, as tiny as a crumb captured my attention with his big fluffy butt! I checked him out real good! He looked familiar though. I had seen creatures of his kind before but it had been years since i’d seen a “Fluffy Bum” (a Passionvine nymph)! Not since I was a little girl! I was always an outdoorsy kid and climbing trees was kind of my thing. I loved exploring in the garden and out of all the bugs I had come across I remember being very curious about these ridiculous guys.

There is this really talented artist named Daniel Abensour, otherwise known as Aphte. He illustrates all kinds of curious creatures the imagination can muster up. Some of them remind me of the Fluffy Bum I met today!

secret cavern herbier

Secret Cavern leaves


Image of Fluffy Bum from here.
Aphte artwork from here.


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