A New Year. A New Day.

It’s the first day into the new year and I’ve already broken one my resolutions to eat healthier! I can’t just let all those boxes of chocolates I got for Christmas go to waste now can I? I don’t feel too bad about it though, because my husband said these very true words below which made me feel less like a failure! Every day is a new day! We can learn from our mistakes and failures, pick ourselves up and try again tomorrow and if we don’t succeed we just try again the next day. As long as we make an effort, that’s what counts!


2012 was a pretty exciting and eventful year! I faced many new challenges and changes and grew up a lot! The best moment of the year (of my life) was getting married to my best friend. Coming close behind was becoming an Aunty to my gorgeous niece Ellaline and very recently welcoming my second niece, Mia to the world just a few days before Christmas. I am just smitten with those two beautiful babies! And the most crazy thing that happened was when I quit my full time job to pursue a freelance career and I am just so proud of myself for doing so! Although it’s been a challenge and still is as I feel my way through this new self directed path I have been so rewarded and inspired by the people I’ve had the chance to work with. I also started this little blog to record my inspirations and projects which I may have neglected some what. Which brings me to my first resolution!

  • Share MORE of my creative projects and things that inspire me on the blog.
    Simple as that. Don’t think so much, just do!
  • Drink more water and get that balance between energy intake and energy output.
  • Try to spend less time in front of the screen and more on hand drawn projects.
  • And lastly, even when things get hectic remember to take time to take care of myself.

I’m already looking forward to the new day ahead so I can give these goals a go!
I wish you a happy 2013 everyone!

image created by Stephanie Kunau.


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