Happiness is Simple

In my last post I mentioned that we’ve been getting rid of some unnecessary items around here. Well, we’re still at it! I’m kind of embarrassed about how much stuff we have! In two weeks we’ll be moving out of this flat. Life is changing and it’s quite overwhelming. It’s been a therapeutic experience tossing out old junk and giving furniture and appliances away. I feel like all the material things I had accumulated were unconsciously weighing me down. I’ve dwindled my wardrobe down considerably to something like the number of clothes hanging out in the image below. I’m surprised how easy it was to get rid of most of my wardrobe. I still could get rid of more but hey, one step at a time! I like this simplified arrangement of clothes I have now. Less choices that need to be made in the morning are good for me! Over time I’m going to set out to replace the clothes I have with really good quality items that will last me years and years. Being a student not long ago I would buy items that were on the cheap end, knowing well that what I was buying wasn’t the best but it was what I could afford. So I’m going to say buh-bye to glued on soles and synthetic shoes and hello genuine leather! Gosh I feel like I’m growing up and becoming a real adult!

I was browsing Pinterest and found some interior shots of some beautiful homes. I love how simple they are without feeling stark. I like how they aren’t cluttered but are just occupied by basic necessary objects and few personal bits a pieces to make the space feel homely and lived in. I’d like to aspire to have a home like this one day.

Images are from here, here, here, and here.


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