Not just a pretty package

I am definitely not a girly-girl (said the young lady with bright pink nails). Okay, so I really like to draw and paint flowers and floral prints aren’t uncommon in my wardrobe but when it comes to cosmetic packaging, I couldn’t run faster from florals! I usually steer clear of flourished packaging when it comes to make-up and beauty products. I find that I’m drawn to simple, stripped back packages that showcase the bare product. They just seem more honest. And I sure am a sucker for vintage style bottles and labels that make you feel like you’ve just found something from an old apothecary. There’s something wonderfully magical about that.

I came across One Love Organics natural cosmetics range and instantly fell in love with their packaging. The brand just hits all the marks for everything I personally adore in design and then I read some more about their natural, ethical, organic, handmade products and it looks like they’ve got my vote for quality too. I really want to try out their range! I know what I’ll be asking for this Christmas!

More great product packaging I came across are these soaps from Izola. I want them all! I don’t think I’d even use them because they’re just too darn precious! I love how each soap bar has a different imprinted word. It’s thoughtful details like these that get me all excited up in here. Izola also sell other goods (besides soap) with nostalgic themes that I’m a big fan of. Their products are designed for men but I really like their aesthetic. I spent a good 20 minutes checking out their wares. Their hankerchiefs are even pretty enough to frame!


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