Snack Attack

The great thing about living in Auckland is the cultural diversity, especially when it comes to grocery shopping! I love to browse the aisles of the Asian supermarkets and look at the often colourful, sometimes odd, but most of all awesome packages. I picked up a few sweets and snacks that caught my eye on my expedition the other day to share with you.

Cupcake Bites – Little morsels of cupcake, covered in icing and rainbow sprinkles.
Kikiriki Drumstix – Fried chicken flavoured snacks.
Sushiya – Peach, Orange and Cherry flavoured gummies, shaped like sushi!
Ding Dong – Classic flavoured bubblegum with complimentary temporary tattoos.

It’s kind of embarrassing how much fun I had assembling these!

I encourage you take a trip to some different grocery stores. Explore shops you’ve never been in, but have been curious about. You never know what kind of delicious treasures you might find!


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