We live right around the corner from a video store so each week we rent 5 dvd’s for $5! So darn cheap! I think it’s my favourite part of the day, to unwind with Danny in the evening with dessert in hand and a movie to entertain our eye balls. We’ve watched so many movie’s in our life time so it’s hard to pick out good films we haven’t seen yet that aren’t recent releases. So we’ve been venturing into other section’s of the store we don’t normally look through, like ‘Family’ and dare I say, ‘Horror’! We found a movie called Flipped in the ‘Family’ section which looked interesting so we watched it last night and I’d recommend that you see it too if you ever get the chance! It’s definitely going on my best ‘feel good movie’s’ list. It’s a coming of age romantic comedy about a boy who doesn’t know he’s in love with the girl next door. It is such a charming movie you will cry tears of delight! The casting is just spot on and the costumes are pretty great too. I wouldn’t mind wearing a thing or two from the cast’s wardrobe.

Here are some stills from the movie and the trailer.


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