quarter of a century

Twenty four years on from when that photo was taken on my first birthday I grasped the fact that on Wednesday I turned 25. I’m a quarter of a century old and if that sounds old then, great, because getting older rocks in my opinion!

At 25 my mum had me, her third bundle of joy! As I’m closer to 30 than I’ve ever been, I’m looking forward to starting a family in the not too distant future and all that good stuff that comes with getting older!

I’ve been appreciating life more recently and thinking of each new day as a gift, as cliche as that sounds. We lost a very young member of the family in an unexpected fatal accident last Tuesday which has totally shocked and traumatized the family. When grandparent’s pass away it’s usually after they’ve been sick for a long time and you get some time to say your good bye’s and come to terms with preparing yourself to live your life without them. But when a child is taken without warning, it’s like a shock to the system. It makes you really appreciate your own life and makes you conscious of how you treat people around you. So with my birthday not long after the heart breaking news, I’ve really appreciated this birthday the most. I spent the whole day with family, talking, laughing, eating lot’s of good food and cake. It was a perfect birthday with those that mean the most to me.


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