brussel sprouts club

My illustration of Chef Buck’s Brussel Sprouts recipe.

I’ve got to say, I was never a fan of the ol’ brussel sprout until I tried this recipe from Buck Redbuck. We bought a bag of sprouts from our local fruit and vege shop and I did not have the faintest idea how to cook them! So I uh, Googled, “brussel sprouts recipe” and Buck’s YouTube video showed up labelled, ‘Best Brussel Sprouts Recipe’. I assure you, it is the best and as Buck likes to say, easy-peasy! We’ve tried Buck’s other recipe’s and like them so much that some of them have turned into our regular dinner meals during the week. Chef Buck is hilarious. His no frills style suit’s us just fine. He seriously should have his own T.V show! But he’s hiking the Appellation Mountains for the time being so won’t be posting new cooking videos up any time soon. But do check out his past cooking videos. You might find yourself converted to the brussel sprouts fan club!


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