I was just wondering

I watched a movie a little while ago based on the true story of Temple Grandin, starring Claire Danes. I learnt that Temple Grandin was born with Autism and through her unique way of thinking and close relationship to animals she is now recognized as a pioneer in the ethical treatment of live stock animals.  Here’s a little bit more about the film that had me crying and laughing. What really had me bawling in the film is Temple’s mothers struggle to bond with Temple as a child who didn’t speak until she was four and fought any human touch. She encouraged Temple to be self sufficient and taught her that she was just different not less. I don’t think the voice of parent’s of children with learning disabilities, or physical disabilities are well heard enough. We could learn a thing or two from such strong and patient people.

I haven’t enjoyed a movie this much in awhile.
I whole heartedly recommend that you see it!



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