I’m so excited to introduce you to, Ellaline Li Mei Tan. My beautiful niece was born last Thursday and we haven’t been able to get enough of her perfect little face! We’ve been in Tauranga helping my brother and his wife with little Ellie. They are such proud new parents! And who wouldn’t be with a babe like this? I still can’t get over how amazing it is that not only does my big brother have Ellie as a daugher, but Ellie has my brother as a father. She is a lucky little girl because my brother is awesome!

Aunty Stephy.


3 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. Isn’t it grand being an auntie? Your niece is beautiful. Davin and Charity I’m sure are overjoyed. How wonderful to see our lives unfold before us. Exciting new adventures we may never have thought of. I remember my brother having my first nephew. Joshua is now 31. Thank you for sharing. Stephanie Kunau

    • Yes it is so very grand! My sister announced that she’s having a baby too so I’ll be an Aunt to two beautiful babies by the end of the year! I have to admit, it seems like people I know are popping out babies left, right and centre and it’s making me feel REALLY clucky! You could be a [dare I say] Grandma in a couple of years! 🙂 Love to you and family xo

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