a good wife

Since I left my full time job to focus on freelancing, I’ve been at home more often than I’ve been used to. Being at home during the DAY feels like a treat! Being able to do the laundry while the sun is out is fantastic! I remember being in the office on a sunny day thinking, “darn, my damp laundry could be so dry right now!”. Being at home and getting all domestic has made me realize how crazy it can get when you focus all your energy on work and forget about working on your relationship.

Danny used to get home before me and he’d have dinner cooked by the time I got back. Dinner time would be the only one-on-one time we’d get to have together and we’d both be too exhausted to do anything else but zombie-out in front of the television afterwards. So, with me working from home now, I can get the chores done and cook dinner for my husband so we can both relax when he gets home. I have to admit, my cooking is not as good as Danny’s, but I’m really trying! And hey, I do laundry way better than he does!



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