Our Wedding : Part 1

ImageOn the 12th of February this year, Danny and I got hitched! It was actually part 1 of a two part wedding. Why a two part wedding you ask? Well let me tell you! Danny’s entire family are in America and half of my family are scattered across the globe so it was quite a nightmare trying to plan a wedding in New Zealand when both sides of our family could be in one place at the same time! So we decided to have a small and intimate ceremony at my parent’s house with about a quarter of my huge family present and we will have a bigger wedding in the States with Danny’s family and some of my relatives in the new year. We are still planning our American wedding but we’ve been thinking about something a long the lines of a summer barbeque banquet at the Kunau family ranch!

ImageOur little wedding was filled with handmade touches. Catering can get expensive, so for such a small crowd we decided to make our own cupcakes. I bought a petal tip and we practiced icing cupcakes a few times before the big day. It’s surprisingly easy to use a petal tip! Just watch this video. To add to our afternoon dessert table, we had watermelon slices cut into heart shapes, platters of various miniature tarts, chocolate hearts and a two tiered white cream cake that we ordered from a local bakery. We also made lemonade to match the colours of the flowers and cupcakes!

The weather was a worry all day as it was overcast and drizzling every hour but when the ceremony started, the clouds parted and the sun shined for us! I’m not kidding! Everyone gazed up at the sky and smiled. We were very blessed. We were thrilled at how the day turned out. Part 1 was lovely,short and sweet so now bring on part 2!



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