Nifty & Thrifty : Cat Sweater


/ Cat Sweater by Opening Ceremony x Glamour ( seen here on Hanneli Mustaparta) – $99.
/ Cat Sweater by unknown – $10

There certainly is a chill in the air as Autumn is slowly falling upon us. So, The other day I felt it was definately time to store away the summer dresses and bring out the wooly sweaters! I took it upon myself to clear out my wardrobe of all the clothes I haven’t worn in goodness knows how long and I ended up filling up an entire suitcase to give away to charity and another suitcase full of items that I will hopefully bother selling on TradeMe. Amongst the chaos of flying garments, I found a cat sweater I purchased a few years back at a thrift store that I’d completely forgotten about. It reminded me of the adorable cat sweater I’d seen on numerous style blogsThe nifty cat sweater by Opening Ceremony and Glamour costs US$99 compared to my thrifty cat sweater that costed only NZ$10! Don’t you love it when you can look cute for less!?

Have a dig around your wardrobe (as far as the darkest corners), you might be surprised at what you find!

– Stephy


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